Enki Pooch Eco Friendly Dog Towel

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Enki Pooch - Revolutionary Eco Friendly Dog Towel - 60 x 100cm, Pack Of 3 Pooch Towels



Enki Pooch, the worlds first luxurious eco friendly dog towel. Pooch towels are cost effective and high quality. Pamper your pooch today with our eco-friendly disposable dog towel. Eliminate washing & drying dirty towels. We believe every home should have a pack of Enki Pooch Towels. Our motto is simple Leave Muddy Paws Outdoors! See below for further product details...





 The worlds most luxurious eco friendly dog towel.

 Enki Pooch eco friendly dog towels are made of natural plant fibers and are 100% biodegradable.

 Eco Friendly, 100% Hygienic & Re-usable.

 Safe for all pets and you. 

If your Pooch towel to big for your small dog? Then cut Pooch to your desired size and get more miles from it.

 Cost effective. Save time and money. 

 Eliminate washing and drying dirty towels.

 Pooch towels can be recycled, they are kind to the environment. 

 Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Rodney Says "Leave Muddy Paws Outdoors"


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Customer Reviews

  • 5 stars
    Review by The Eagleon 20/12/2016
    my wife bought these because i take the dog out but she has to wash the towels and gets grumpy. i didn't think they'd be any use, but i have to admit they are really good. so brownie points all round; happy labrador, happy wife so happy me!
    eddie barnes
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Karey Allenon 19/12/2016
    Tried out Enki pooch towels on my two staffordshire bull terriers and they worked a treat. after long walks my two dogs get very dirty and the pooch towels soak up water very quickly and mud also. i purchased a tester pack to see if they worked and they do the job brilliantly. i can now throw away my dirty looking towels and save on washing them as well. Excellent product, easy to store and use, hassle free, goes easily into the back of the car and at £4.99 including free shipping i will buy again.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Allan Cooperon 06/12/2016
    The Pooch team asked me to test prototypes of pooch out on my dog Missy so i used Enki Pooch to dry off my Dog after she had been running through muddy fields. She was dry in seconds. Much faster than using conventional towels. The absorption rate was incredible. Just like a sponge. I can't believe how a single sheet can soak up moisture and also dry the dog sufficiently to let her into the house in one go? Once i used Pooch i wrung it out and it's ready to go again as it's re-usable. I strongly recommend this product to all dog owners at only £4.99 it is excellent value for money and well worth it an added bonus is i dont need to wash and dry dirty towels anymore. I will carry them in the car to keep the car clean in the future. Many thanks to all at Enki Pooch…

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