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Q: What are Pooch towels made of?

A: Pooch towels are made from natural plant fibers such as, aloe plant, cotton plant & bush plant.



Q: Can I recycle my Pooch towel?

A: Yes you can its biodegradable so your Pooch towel can go straight into your recycle bin or compost bin.



Q: Is it safe for my pet, what if he or she swallowed some?

A: Yes it is safe if your pet accidentally swallowed some Pooch as there are no harmful chemicals present.



Q: Is Pooch available in different colors?

A: No just in white.



Q: Are my Pooch towels re-usable?

A: Yes field testing has shown that Pooch can be used up-to 5 times and even more. Though this does depend on how wet and muddy your pet gets the first time you use the towel.



Q: What size is my Pooch towel?

A: 60cm x 100cm, Pooch is pretty big so if you have a big dog or a small dog Pooch will work.



Q: Where can i use my Pooch towel?

A: After a long walk to clean up muddy paws, after bath time and even as a blanket in the back of the car.



Q: If i purchase a pack of Pooch towels do i get free shipping and how long before i receive my order?

A: Yes all Pooch orders come with free shipping and your Pooch pack will be with you within 2 to 4 days from placing your order.



Q: Can I rewash my Pooch towel?

A: You can wring it out and re-use your Pooch but we do not advise washing your Pooch towel in a washing machine.



Q: I want to sell Pooch what do i need to do?

A: Please contact Pooch HQ on 01246 293018 for information relating to distribution/wholesale.



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